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A refund is a customer credit for all or part of the cost of a purchased item. In some cases, we issue customers a “returnless refund.” This means they are not required to send the item back to the fulfillment center. Some items that are not eligible for return may be eligible for a refund.


A return is an item a customer sends back to a fulfillment center. We evaluate the condition of each returned item. If we determine that the item is sellable, we return it to your inventory. If we determine that it is unsellable (defective or damaged, for example), we assess who caused the damage. Then we decide if you are eligible for a reimbursement.

A returned item is classified as unsellable for the following reasons:

·It is not in the same condition as previously listed.

·It is defective, damaged, opened, lacking required labeling, prohibited, or otherwise unsuitable.

·This includes items that may pose a health or safety risk to our associates, or to the next customer who buys it.

If a returned product has non-volatile internal memory (for example, a digital camera) and there is evidence of use, we mark it as unfulfillable. If such items are returned, you must clear the memory of the device.

For returned items that you ask us to send to you, you can use the LPN label on a returned item to find information using the customer returns report. If you use the manufacturer barcode to track your inventory, this information may not be available.

For items in your inventory categorized as Defective or Customer Damaged, you must submit a removal order within 30 days after the returned item arrives at the fulfillment center. You can also request that we return or dispose of this unsellable inventory automatically. For more information, see Remove inventory (overview).

Returns timeframe

In most cases, customers can request to return an item within 30 days of receiving it. It may make case-by-case exceptions and accept return requests beyond 30 days of receipt.

In most cases, if an item does not arrive at a fulfillment center within 45 days of the return request, we will charge the customer and credit your account for the item.

Extended returns timeframe

The return policy allows customers to return eligible baby items in new, unopened condition without charge if they return the items within 90 days of receiving them. The return shipping will be at no cost to you. This policy does not apply to Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) orders.

Customers can return eligible items shipped during November and December until the end of January. For more information, see the Holiday Ordering and Deadlines for the U.S.